Newsletter or community platform? Both are ways to communicate with our clients.

It probably depends on what kind of product or service we offer.

My new favourite is a community platform that I “installed” on a subdomain of my main domain and now I can send clients and even prospects different links to different groups with different access rights to my content.

I even decided to have one for English and another one for German.

The components are threads with different channels, resources for all kinds of documents, courses, events (audio and video calls without the need of third party programs – but of course that is possible nevertheless), a member directory and the option to match up members.

The built-in option of monetizing the content via Stripe is another great feature.

I like this way of communicating with my clients (on my laptop or my phone) much more due to its structure than any group on Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Sounds interesting? DM me.