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If you agree that online freelancer could help to grow your business what could be your next step?

Write a list of your tasks and divide them into three categories: automatabledelegable – not delegable.

How many tasks could you automate with software? Only a few? Look again! There are lots of tools now available that allow for many manual tasks to be automated. For example, consider email marketing software, a social media management tool or automation of billing and accounting. Even if something cannot be automated completely you will still save time with semi-automated processes.

What about your basic software like email, calendar and file storage? Do you still install software on every device which you then have to maintain and upgrade regularly? Or do you already use cloud based systems perfectly designed for collaboration like Google Apps? Even if you are still a single-member company this will be to the best advantage. Upcoming posts will cover this topic in detail.

All possible tasks automated? Switch to the remaining and decide which of these you should never delegate as they are too important to not be done by the business owner himself.

After this previous step you now have a list of all that could be outsourced.

Typical assignments are PowerPoint presentation preparation, accounting or report writing. But there is a trend of business owners to increasingly rely on freelancer for core functions as well. And many found out that they don’t need to pay expensive agencies to get their design needs met.

Hiring experienced and independent contractors is a great solution for growing companies. What you need today, may not be in demand next year.  Also, when a project is complete, it’s much easier to cut a consultant loose than dismiss an employee.

But hiring independent contributors is not completely without risk to you and to your customer.

– to be continued –